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Hope this helps

On Thu, 31 Aug 2000, you wrote:
> I am severely depressed :<
> Had just gotten to know Samba and Linux over the past couple of weeks,
> and, until now, everything had been going smooth.  But I'm now in the
> last stages of converting my network, and they suddenly won't behave.
> I have defined my logon path, where I understand the profiles are
> supposed to save out to.  However, all my profiles are still saving out
> to the user's home directory.  What's the deal?  Can't you have a home
> directory independent of the logon path?

this worked for me in the global section of smb.conf.

logon home =3D \\%L\profiles\%U

> Also, I've tested Machine and User policies in the config.pol and they
> work fine, but Group policies do not.  (See my 8/30 posting for my
> original rantings.)  My groups in /etc/group match the names of my grou=
> policies in config.pol, but the settings won't take for members of thos=
> groups.  (I do not have individual user policies for the members of the
> group policies I've created, and I do not have a default user policy, s=
> there should be no policy conflicts.)
> I have attached my smb.conf file if anyone cares to take a look and
> offer advice.
> On the client side, the Linux box is indicated as a WINS server.  Logon
> to NT Domain is enabled.  Remote update is enabled and pointing properl=
> to the config.pol file.  User profiles are enabled.  I'm using both
> Win95 and Win98 clients, and all dll's are fairly up to date.  (Win95b
> w/Y2k patches, Win98 v.2)
> Anybody know a happy tune?

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