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Tue Oct 31 14:23:59 GMT 2000

Steen Jakobsen wrote:
> I have encountered a weird problem on a win95 
> client computer. When I run winipcfg on the computer the 
> user name is displayed instead of the netbios name. 

Don't worry about this.  It is broken but does not seem
to affect the network client functions in my experience.

> The computer can't locate the pdc but is able to ping
> the ip-adress. Therefore I think this could be a problem 
> coursed by some malfunction in the netbios-nameresolution 
> on the client pc. Wins via dhcp should be activated but I 
> am not sure it works on this old operating system. 
> I have installed service pack 1 so they system should be 
> equal to win95 osr2. In addition I should say that I have no
> problems with another computer with os win98 (log on etc)

I can confirm that "Enable Wins via DHCP" qorks on all releases
of Win9x of which I am aware.  Make sure you have a primary WINS
server IP address displayed in the winipcfg window (and not
just a secondary WINS server).

Cheers, jerry
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