James W. Beauchamp jbeauchamp at
Tue Oct 31 18:24:58 GMT 2000

> > > Hi James you could tell me if its anough with one config.pol file for
> both
> > a
> > > win98 and a win95 machine.
> > I am not an expert on this, but I think you can use the same config.pol
> file
> > for both 98 and 95.
> >
> >
> > > And another thing making passwords. I have seen the new version samba
> > > they use smbpasswd --a -m WS$ instead of the old convention
> > smbpasswd -a -m
> > > WS why is that? I say this because one of my clients is w2000 user so
> > have
> > > to convert to TNG very soon.
> > >
> > I am not sure about this one.  The TNG version handles things
> > does your W2K user need to join your domain, or does he just need files
> > server to him?  If he doesn't need to join the domain, then stay with
> 2.0.x
> > until the 2.2.0 code is released.  Check out the development section at
> > to see when the W2K support will be added.  If you can wait it
> > would probably be better, but you will have to decide that on your own
> >
> > Jmes
> >
> >
> What is the domain good for? I have made the domain so that users have to
> log on to the pdc but users without log on permission will still be able
> contact users proberly loged on to the domain. E.g. I have a user which
> log on with win98 and another that can't. The latter wil still be able see
> the icon for the other user on his desktop and still be able to share
> vith this user. They are both in the same workgroup.
> regards
> steen
As I understand it, the concept of a domain is not useful or does not really
mean anything to a Win9x machine. (gurus please correct me here).  It seems
as if you can get along fine by having the Win9x machines in the same
workgroup.  Samba still authenticates each user before they are allowed to
view a share.  This is how I have my small office set up.


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