James W. Beauchamp jbeauchamp at
Tue Oct 31 17:21:24 GMT 2000

Do you have the check box for "Use DHCP for WINS Resolution" checked on the
Properties tab for the TCP/IP binding to your NIC?


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Hi samba-folks

I have encountered a weird problem on a win95 client computer. When I run
winipcfg on the computer the user name is displayed instead of the netbios
name. The computer can't locate the pdc but is able to ping the ip-adress.
Therefore I think this could be a problem coursed by some malfunction in the
netbios-nameresolution on the client pc. Wins via dhcp should be activated
but I am not sure it works on this old operating system. I have installed
service pack 1 so they system should be equal to win95 osr2. In addition I
should say that I have no problems with another computer with os win98 (log
on etc)



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