Two samba servers, same machine?

eskimo eskimo at
Mon Oct 30 17:31:43 GMT 2000

i wasn't very clear in my last response.

what i did was this:



include = common.conf
hosts allow = 10.13., 127.
interfaces =
lock directory = /usr/local/var/samba/lock/share
security = share
socket address =
include = ...

include = common.conf
hosts allow = 10.72., 127.
interfaces =
lock directory = /usr/local/var/samba/lock/private
security = user
socket address =
include = ...

this isn't exactly what you'd be doing, but i'm sure you could work
something off this model. probably, you'd want both daemons to be on the
same network, so you'd have to modify at least that.

for me, it was to separate my registered hosts from my dynamic hosts (this
is tied in with dhcp).

but anyways, hope this helps.

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