SAMBA and Win2K Terminal Services

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Mon Oct 30 15:30:50 GMT 2000

> > First I have to correct myself.  Its MultipleUsersOnConnection, DWORD 0x1.
> Ummm, actually, according to MS's KB article Q190162, the required value is 0x0
> ... and this matches my experience as well.  This registry modification saved 
> my butt with NT-TSE.
> (link:

Yes, its as you say 0x0 and it has saved my butt too in the NT-TSE.  In the distribution- fix it 


Which is wrong as you say..  

> ** The question at hand, though, is whether this registry modification has any affect with
> Windows2000 Server (under which we now wish to run Terminal Services).  
> Ulf Norton has reported that
> the Q190162 registry fix does not seem to help... ie. after the fix is applied (and the system

Okay, my mistake.  I suspected that he ment the registry fix did not work, but I had to put it in 
to make sure he had tried it.  My additional suggestion was the "nt smb support = no".

W2K might have changed the required registry key to modify or maybe removed the 
feature?  Ill see what I can find in the W2K related newsgroups/lists.

How about looking into the 2048 open file limitation?  Would it be possible to increase this 
value on a W2K server?  This might required some changes in the max-values in 
the smb.conf file and also the unix/linux system parameters. 

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