AW: SAMBA and NT Terminal Server

Grotnes Per Kjetil PBE-SIT PerKjetil.Grotnes at
Mon Oct 30 12:32:39 GMT 2000

> > You mean the ?
> > set "nt smb support = no".  You will not get any ACL support and so fort, but the shares will 
> > work fine.  

> I have actually tried setting "nt smb support = no" but I couldnt see
> any different behaviour. Still just one samba-process for the terminalserver.

First I have to correct myself.  Its MultipleUsersOnConnection, DWORD 0x1.

Okay, firstly you will have to use the  MultipleUsersOnConnection, DWORD 0x1 fix.  You will 
now have one connection for each user.  Without it you would have one connection from the 
Terminal Server which all the user were connected.  With enough user connected you would 
reach a max-limit for this connection and get wierd error messages.  

You will see in "swat" or "ps -ef | grep smb" that you now have one connection pr. user where 
you previously had one connection pr. client (Terminal Server).  

If you still have problems even though the number of connection problem is solved I would 
reccomend the "nt smb support = no" solution.

There is a registry fix file with the samba distribution:


You might find additional fixes in this location.

Hope this helps alittle.  I would like to hear if you are able to fix this problem.

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