AW: SAMBA and NT Terminal Server

Ulf Noren Ulf.Noren at
Mon Oct 30 12:01:49 GMT 2000

I have actually tried setting "nt smb support = no" but I couldnt see
any different behaviour. Still just one samba-process for the terminalserver.


> > Instead all users use the same connection (samba-process) and I get
> > some irrational behaviour. Shares are all of a sudden disconnected and
> > Im not able to reconnect until I logoff/logon again. Some applications
> > seem to have a problem with this an just vanish  etc.
> > 
> > The reg-file that fixes this under NT4 doesnt seem to do anything
> > good under win2k.
> You mean the MultipleUsersOnConnection, DWORD 0?
> If you really want to use samba  and the abovementioned reg-fix does not help you can try to 
> set "nt smb support = no".  You will not get any ACL support and so fort, but the shares will 
> work fine.  
> As the manual says: 
> "This boolean parameter controls whether smbd will negotiate NT specific SMB support 
> with Windows NT clients. Although this is a developer debugging option and should be left 
> alone, benchmarking has discovered that Windows NT clients give faster performance with 
> this option set to "no". This is still being investigated. If this option is set to "no" then Samba 
> offers exactly the same SMB calls that versions prior to Samba2.0 offered. This information 
> may be of use if any users are having problems with NT SMB support. 
> Default: nt smb support = yes"
> It says: "exactly the same SMB calls that versions prior to Samba2.0 offered".  But you get to 
> keep the speed improvments from the 2.x versions. :-)
> Regards
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