Two samba servers, same machine?

Simo Sorce simo.sorce at
Mon Oct 30 13:37:04 GMT 2000

Blas Castro wrote:
>         Hello, does any guru know whether it is possible two differents samba
> servers running in the same machine two differents samba servers?
>          Example: 1 PDC samba-tng and 1 Print server samba-2.x
>         It could be an interesting way to have full functionality with just
> one machine.
>         Could anybody send a little "how to"?
>         Thanks in advance. Best Regards.
>  Blas Castro
> Netgiro Spain
> blas.castro at

It's not difficult.
You need:
2 IP address
2 Samba installations with different base path

First you need 2 IP address, you my make an alias on your single Network
Interface Card or have 2 separated NIC.

get samba sources from, compile and install in 2 different
eg: ./configure --with-prefix=/usr/local/samba1
    make install

    make distclean

    ./configure --with-prefix=/usr/local/samba2
    make install

Then make any configuration on the two smb.conf
(/usr/local/samba1/lib/smb.conf and /usr/local/samba2/lib/smb.conf)
In smb.conf set these parameters:
bind interface only = True
interfaces =

for every smb.conf set one of the IP you have on your machine instead of

so if you have 2 IP and you may bind SAMBA1 and
SAMBA2 to these IP respectively!

hope this is all you need!

Obviously more IP/more installation tree means more samba servers!
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