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Grotnes Per Kjetil PBE-SIT PerKjetil.Grotnes at
Mon Oct 30 08:20:04 GMT 2000

> Instead all users use the same connection (samba-process) and I get
> some irrational behaviour. Shares are all of a sudden disconnected and
> Im not able to reconnect until I logoff/logon again. Some applications
> seem to have a problem with this an just vanish  etc.
> The reg-file that fixes this under NT4 doesnt seem to do anything
> good under win2k.

You mean the MultipleUsersOnConnection, DWORD 0?

If you really want to use samba  and the abovementioned reg-fix does not help you can try to 
set "nt smb support = no".  You will not get any ACL support and so fort, but the shares will 
work fine.  

As the manual says: 

"This boolean parameter controls whether smbd will negotiate NT specific SMB support 
with Windows NT clients. Although this is a developer debugging option and should be left 
alone, benchmarking has discovered that Windows NT clients give faster performance with 
this option set to "no". This is still being investigated. If this option is set to "no" then Samba 
offers exactly the same SMB calls that versions prior to Samba2.0 offered. This information 
may be of use if any users are having problems with NT SMB support. 

Default: nt smb support = yes"

It says: "exactly the same SMB calls that versions prior to Samba2.0 offered".  But you get to 
keep the speed improvments from the 2.x versions. :-)

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