Dialing into a Linux "RAS" server

David Atkinson datk at albury.net.au
Thu Oct 26 16:15:40 GMT 2000

> > Problem
> > >From a non-DUN client, I can see the RedHat server from Network
> > complete with its shares.  I can also send messages from the Linux
server to
> > specific NT workstations.  When I test with a DUN, I connect, login to
> > Linux server, type PPP, and hit the Continue button.  This works: the
> > terminal screen disappears, the DUN says that it's verifying username
> > password.  _However_, when that process is done and the DUN icon is in
> > system tray, I cannot browse the Network Neighborhood.  It's almost like
> > ppp, mgetty, or something with the DUN client is blocking Samba
> > capabilities.
> 1/ Is your Linux PPP server actually routing packets onto your network.
> Can you ping things on your internal network?
> 2/ Assuming this is working, then what you're seeing is expected
> behaviour. Microsoft implemented browsing on a broadcast model in
> Windows, so it fails as soon as you stick a router in the picture. You
> need to provide your dial up machine with a functional method of
> resolving NetBIOS names. Your options are judicious use of lmhosts
> files, a WINS server, or various other networking tricks.

Try setting up Samba on the Red Hat RAS server to proxy Broadcasts then
setup pppd so that the ms-wins directive hands over the IP of the Red Hat
RAS server. That should let it see all the other machines. If pinging works
then you should be ready to go.


David Atkinson

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