David Atkinson datk at
Thu Oct 26 15:46:23 GMT 2000

Hi all

> John Doe wrote:
> >
> > ok, I have a second question.  Is it possible to set it up so that if a
> > machine is broadcasting on a network (seperated from a private network
by a
> > Samba server) that the broadcast can also be seen on the private network
> > (and vice versa)?

I don't think this is posible with samba itself. You can get around this by
using Samba as a WINS server for your private network and enable the
WINS-to-broadcast proxy. Works for me. If you must have the broadcasts
relayed, you could setup a port forwarder with an address something like to Can anyone tell me what port
is used for SMB discovery broadcasts ? Obviously 12345 needs to be replaced
with the appropriate SMB port number. I think you can do this using
IPChains. If you don't mind extra traffic, you could forward everything (ie
all ports).

> I don't thinks that that is possible by default. From my experiences
> with DSL (sharing a connection via NAT) broadcast packets don't get
> routed.

no routers are configured by default to route broadcasts. I also know that
Cisco routers can be configured so that they will forward broadcasts between
subnets if need be.

Cheers David

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