ACL support and SAMBA 2.0.7

Chamlee, Douglas, B. (Contractor) ChamleeD at
Fri Oct 27 23:56:25 GMT 2000

I am trying to set up SAMBA 2.0.7 on an SGI Origin 200; only as a member of
an NT domain, not as a PDC. I can map a drive in NT, that works. When I go
to check the permissions I see the security tab and the permissions button
but when I click on permission I receive the following error, "The network
request is not supported". Some of my samba.conf settings are as follows. 

nt acl support - yes
create mask - 0777
force create mode - 0777
security mask - 0777
force security mode - 0777
directory mask - 0777
force directory mode - 0777
directory security mask - 0777
force directory security mode - 0777

This one has me stumped and any help would be appreciated.

chamleed at

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