PDC / samba2.0.7 / NT4

Graeme Humphries humphries at mail.inroad.net
Fri Oct 27 16:28:36 GMT 2000

Blas Castro wrote:

>     Hello,
>     My point of view i that, you better use samba-tng as PDC instead of
> samba 2.X, because though it is not an stable version its PCD functionality
> is acceptable and works with Win9x, WinNT and Win2K.

Unfortunately I'd have a hard time justifying this to the powers that be. 
Because all of our production data is being moved around by samba, they'd 
rather live with this problem than risk possible data loss / other problems 
with an unstable version. :(

>     There are some solutions for the last point but i don't know them
> already.

If anyone could point me to the info I'd appreciate it.


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