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James W. Beauchamp jbeauchamp at gesinc.com
Fri Oct 27 17:16:23 GMT 2000

> I don't´quite understand the difference of section 'profiles' section
> 'homes' and and also the option 'drive' and how to use them proberly. In
> near future I will have to decide home/mail directories for the window
> users/clients so is being more urgent..

The Profiles section says how a users Computer configuration is stored. It
may either be stored locally, or on the server.  If it is stored on the
server, it is called a roaming profile.  i.e. the user can log onto any
machine in the network and get his/her specific desktop.  This is just an
area that specifies how the user profiles are stored.  It will store all
desktop items, internet temporary files, etc.

The Homes section just specifies how the users home directory structure is
setup. You might create a directory called /home and then underneath that
directory you will have a subdirectory for each user.  This could be an area
for users to put their own files out on the network.  I don't believe that
you absolutely have to have this section in smb.conf unless you want the
server to hold user files of any type they may put there.

Samba gurus please correct me on this if I am wrong :)

By drive parameter I think you mean the logon drive = parameter?  Is this
correct?  If so, this specifies to a Windows NT machine what the location of
the logon drive is and what drive letter to map it to. (I hope I don't have
this backwards here - check man smb.conf to be sure) I don't think this
parameter is used by win9x machines.


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