How do i see Neighbouring Computers.

Kai Blin k.blin at
Fri Oct 27 12:42:45 GMT 2000

* Muhammad Chatta <muhammadchatta at> [26/10/00, 10:57:42]:

> How  do i see the neighbouring computers on Linux
> machines and Linux machines on Winnt network
> neighbouhood ,in a  work group consisting of Linux and
> Winnt.

You mean like "network neighbourhood" on the NT machines?
Have a look at your favorite samba mirror:

There you should find some GUIs

> What is needed to be installed on the Linux machines 
> to see all other computers. And how do we share the
> directory or files from Linux machines..if we have not
> installed samba.

You should install the samba package of your distributor.
You can use nfs instead of samba, i think, but IIRC you can't browse with
this, so to have something like "network neighbourhood", you need samba and
a GUI for it.



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