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Adam Williams awilliam at whitemice.org
Fri Oct 27 11:30:21 GMT 2000

>>>How do i set up a Samba 2.7 server to recieve an IP from a DHCP 
>>The same way you get any unix machine to use DHCP. Install and 
>>a DHCP client on the machine. Samba has nothing to do with IP
>>configuration of your Unix box at all. If you use DHCP, you will want 
>>use a WINS server as well.
>Ummm, that last statement is not, strictly speaking, true :-)

Does your version of Linux/DHCPc use "pump"?  ps ax | grep pump

If so see the pump man page,  "/sbin/pump -s" dumps the current DHCP 

A simple script should be able to use something like sed to replace the 
phrase WINSSERVERIP in smb.conf with the IP grabbed from the pump output 
before Samba is started.

>You really only need to WINS if you are running Windows and Samba across 
>multi-subnet network ...

Well, it's handy for using the WINStoDNS hook too.

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