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Blas Castro blas.castro at
Fri Oct 27 11:48:26 GMT 2000

    Hi, i have a little problem with my Solaris 2.6 printer server. Samba TNG works perfect as PDC, but not as Printing server. 

    I guess your suggestion is very good indeed, but i really need a little how to alias the IP address and link the stable samba 2.1, i have already compiled and installed to the new IP.

    Can you help me?

    Blas Castro
    Netgiro Spain
    blas.castro at
    blas.castro at

Michael Glauche wrote:
> > > we are using TNG 2.6 as PDC and Printerserver. Everything works well,
> > > but lot of NT machines can not print over the printshares.
> > >
> > > I would like test spoolss - may someone give me a link to a howto Page
> > > for it ?!
> > Could you please mail me your smb.conf file where printing works because
> > I've tried printing with Samba TNG 2.6 for some time now, but I can't get
> it
> > work.
> Hi,
>    if you are using the new spoolss code, this might not work.
> (IIRC there were some rpc problems in TNG, don't remember exactly, but
> you can search the archives for it)
> "traditional" printing *should* work however ...

>From what I remember, spoolss printing was broken in TNG. It works in
HEAD, and the newly released alpha 2.2 has working support for it also.

You could change your config. IP alias two IP addresses to your network
card. Bind TNG to on IP address, and use it for domain control. Install
a stable Samba, and bind it to the other IP Address, set
security=DOMAIN, join it to your domain, and then serve your printers
from that. It's a pain to set up, but you get the best domain control
functionality and file/print from such a set up.


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