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Simon Allaway simona at uchicago.edu
Fri Oct 27 02:23:04 GMT 2000

John Doe wrote:
> How do i set up a Samba 2.7 server to recieve an IP from a DHCP server?

Do you mean that you want your samba 2.0.7 server to have its IP address
assigned by a DHCP server?
That would be handled by something like 'pump'. This linux box at home
uses dhcp via SDSL either on boot, or by running pump.
Then samba simply uses whatever IP the machine is using. Then my missus,
or the kids can store their stuff on it just by browsing for the server. 
I can't imagine this would work for a domain based scenario though; I
don't know the extreme details about SIDs, but I'm wondering if they'd
be neutered by the IP address change.

Can anyone confirm/deny my SID rambling?


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