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Thu Oct 26 23:25:46 GMT 2000

At 11:30 PM 26/10/2000 +1000, John Quirk wrote:
>David just curious do you mean that SAMBA KC seems to be not covering PDC

Sorry if I seemed to have said the wrong thing John. I did look at the KC
site some weeks ago (and was sufficently impressed to add a link to it from
my web site) but at the time it did not mention any PDC material. From
memory there was only 3 or 4 threads mentioned at the time.

I just looked now and there are 6 threads. Like I said, its a great idea
and all praise to anyone who 'grabs a thread' but you have to agree the
samba mailing lists have covered a lot more than six productive threads in
the last couple of months.

I would like to urge all subscribers to have a look at the concept and
maybe support it. I used to belong to a DecUnix Admin list where anyone who
posted a question was expected to summarise the answers and post the
summary in a particular format. The result was a brilliant reference and
very easy to browse through.

Keeping with that spirit, the web site mentioned above where the Samba 2.0
and 2.2 (draft) PDC HowTo and FAQ can be found is and the Kernel Cousin site is


>As contributor to KC-SAMBA I value input on the direction of the KC-SAMBA.
>We cover what looks topical on this list and I thought we had covered the PDC
>especially we the links to the efforts of Gerald Carter to map out the
>of PDC
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