Problem Printing: no valid name

Blas Castro blas.castro at
Thu Oct 26 15:14:33 GMT 2000

=09Hi everybody,

=09I have installed a printer on my Solaris server, it works perfectly vi=
samba from my Linux box, but so far i can not install this computer from =
any of
the Win2000 boxes, and even from WinNT i have a lot of problems.

=09I can see the printer "lp" on the Swat Printers page.
=09But, i can NOT from the Windows explorer, nor in the "Add printer

=09When using SWAT i create a new samba printer, named "ibm", then i can
see the printer but i receive sometimes the message: "Could not connect t=
o the
printer: the remote procedure call failed", from WinNT, and allways the
"invalid printer name or printer not connected" message from Win2K.

=09=BFWhat can I do? Please, i need your help.

=09Blas Castro
=09Netgiro Spain
=09blas.castro at

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