DMB registration bug: query sent from wrong interface

Jean-Gabriel.Dick at Jean-Gabriel.Dick at
Thu Oct 26 13:55:04 GMT 2000


I'm running 5 Sambas on a host with 5 interfaces on 5 distinct subnets. When
trying to sync browse lists between sambas, I've encountered the same problem
that you described : queries to the wins server are sent from the wrong
interface, so 4 of the 5 sambas never get the answers.

Here is a quick hack that solves my problem (at least, it seems to work, for
now :-)

In the file samba-2.0.7/source/nmbd/nmbd_packets.c, line 225, I replaced :

  packet->fd = ClientNMB;

with :

  packet->fd = subnetlist->nmb_sock;

I hope it'll be useful, until samba gurus write something cleaner to fix the


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