Inter-network Shares

Kai Blin k.blin at
Thu Oct 26 11:38:09 GMT 2000

In his mail on 26/10/00, 03:39:48, John Doe <c2z4s9 at> said:
> I have somewhat of an unrelated question (i think).  I have a Samba server 
> linking two netBEUI networks.  Is there any way that i can be on one side of 
> the network and acess a share on a machine on the other side of the network 
> using Network Neighborhood?  I can acess the share if i manually map to the 
> share using an IP address, but i can not acess the shares using the 
> microsoft netBEUI network name of the machine (through network 
> neighborhood).  If anyone would have some idea it would be helpful... even 
> if you knew a place where i could post this message.

Why are you using NetBEUI? Try using TCP/IP it's better for larger networks.
NetBEUI ist kind of outdated..


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