logon scripts?

Marco Lopes informatica at cdoc.cultalg.pt
Thu Oct 26 09:40:48 GMT 2000

Prince Polius Wrote:
>I am having trouble with logon scripts... First of all, in my [global]
section I have:
>logon script = %U.bat
Once I had a similar problem, it turn out to be a second 'logon script'
that I forgot to delete or comment out.
It could also be that the scripts were not created in DOS CR/LF format, try
to create
them in your win98 machine and copy them over to the netlogon share.
I'm also not sure if 'browseable=no' is correct for the netlogon share,
comment it out,
reload samba and see what happens

Hope this helps

>My netlogon looks like this:
>        comment = Netlogon share
>        path = /path_to/netlogon
>        writeable = no
>        guest ok = no
>        browseable = no

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