logon scripts?

Prince Polius prince at cormesse.com
Thu Oct 26 04:56:13 GMT 2000

I can see the share and I can successfully run the batch file from the
share. However, it is not run automatically during the logon process. Please
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> At 08:53 PM 25/10/2000 -0700, Prince Polius wrote:
> >   I am having trouble with logon scripts...
> >Is there a particular way to tell Win98 to execute  a logon script? I
> >restarted the server as well as the client. There is an  individual login
> >script for each user.   Thanks
> Have you ensured that your logon scripts are dos type files, ie each line
> ends with cr/lf not unix eof ? They should be dos batch files not unix
> scripts ! Make sure the user has read permission, try and browse to the
> share and run them after logon and see what happens.
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