wierd logon problems

Brian Hawley brian at walton-thomas.com
Wed Oct 25 16:50:33 GMT 2000

Okay, I commented out both the "logon path..." and "logon home..." 

I've actually been trying to fix this problem remotely.  I'll be able 
to check for flaky NIC cards and hubs on Friday.

Latest results:

After logging everyone off and doing a samba restart...

One user logged in without any problems, logged out, logged in again 
without any problems, logged out and logged in one more time without 
any problems just to be sure. 

The other three users had to retry two-three times to get in.

We double-checked our Win 95 network settings.  They match.

Is there any way this could be caused by too much traffic?

We used to have 11 computers on the network and had to cascade two 
hubs.  When we took 5 computers off of our network I left the hubs 
cascaded instead of filling one 6-port hub.  Could that be a problem?

The user who logged in without any problems tried it one more time 
and had an error.  And one of the users who had problems 
previously tried again and got in without a hitch.

The users are staging a mutiny due to the number of restarts so we'll 
have to continue testing tomorrow.  We just added all the user 
entries to lmhosts (previously it just had the loopback and server 
ip).  Will that help?



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