Samba and NT users ....

C.Lee Taylor lee.taylor at
Wed Oct 25 08:42:44 GMT 2000

Hi ...

    Greetings to all the great Samba people out there, great reading all the
discussion that start and roll on.

    I have just downloaded and read the PDF file reguarding winbind on the
web page, but it seems not to be what I thought it might be, so I thought I
would ask for a little bit of information from the people whom should know
and could help.

    I am in administration of six LANs which are connected by slow WAN
links.  Each LAN has there own Linux server and user base with Samba running
for file and print servering, same servers also used as local e-mail server
and other internet basics.  All users in my WAN have to access a NT
Terminale Server at the center of the WAN.  Currently I have had to
re-create every user on the NT Terminale Server so that users have access to
the NT Terminale Server, this make life a little bit problematic because the
user details including passwords are not synced.

    What ideas do the greate Samba world have.  The first I thought of was
using openLDAP for all user details including mail routing and so ... then
using a Master/Slave setup so that data could replicated to and from the
Master openLDAP server, almost creating Domain like system, but after a
little research, I don't think this might work ... so that is why I ask the

    Thanks for all help and sugguestion.

C.Lee Taylor

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