Pizza vouchers?

Frank Carreiro fcarreiro at
Tue Oct 24 21:44:13 GMT 2000

Ok.. I'm ready to send out a few pizzas to you guys.  So where do I have 
them delivered!!!

I'm using rsync (in testing right now) to synchonize our /etc/group 
files and so far I'm happy with this until another solution presents 
itself.  Not interested in using the alpha code in our production 
environment (can you blame me ?)

Other than that Samba is AWESOME!!!  Combination pizza good?

Frank Carreiro

Gerald Carter wrote:

> Seth Vidal wrote:
>> I'm sorry I feel compelled to point out that you 
>> didn't respond to the most important part of this email.
>> Have the pizza voucher docs been updated?
>> With most of y'all working for VA now does this mean 
>> we can send pizza to just one place.
>> If a pizza guy showed up at va's hq's (wherever in CA 
>> you are) with say 10-20 pizzas would there be a way to 
>> find the "samba area" in va. Or would the pizzas be 
>> "confiscated" by one of the other groups.
> 10 - 20 pizzas at VA for me and Jeremy (considering 
> I'm not in CA)... Hmmm....We better be careful or else
> those pizzas might fall in the wrong hands.....
>> I am really quite disappointed in this attitude  - 
>> if you can't help your supporters and users with 
>> simple questions then I'm afraid you'll get no
>> pizza from me.
>> :)
> oh..cough, cough,...sorry...cough, cough....  :-)
> I have no idea if that has been updated or not.
> Let's see, 
>    o Jeremy is in California, 
>    o I'm in Alabama,
>    o Tridge is still Australia.  
>    o So is Tim.  
>    o Jean Francois is in France.  
>    o Volker is in Germany.  
>    o Chris Hertel is in MN.
> Who else?  I could go on and on....  Tell you what.  Perhaps
> we should maintain a list of developers and how to get pizza
> and each one.  Pizza Hutt, Papa Johns, Domino's, ...anything
> is pretty much fine with me.  :-) :-)
> Jeremy said he doesn't like pizza ;)  Honest!  I 
> just asked him!  He likes steak :-)  (You can send me 
> his pizza vouchers) :-) :-)
> Thank you for pointing out the error of way ways 
> kind sir (-:
> Cheers, jerry
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