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Tue Oct 24 11:49:47 GMT 2000

On 18 Oct 00, at 13:15, Sven Siems wrote:

> Hello Bart,

Hi Sven and/or Christian, thanks for your reply
> my colleque Christian Barth send you an answer, but I didn´t know if
> this is what you expected.
it's already more than I expected...

> If you have further questions about linux/samba problems together with
> TS you should ask christian directly.
This mail is coming his way too.

> What was/is your Problem? Maybe that you can´t choose users or groups
> from a Samba Server for use in a TS?
My problem right now is that I'm starting a pilot project in 
combining SAMBA (2.0.6 or maybe 7) with Win2000 TS (incl. Citrix 
Metaframe2000). Problem is getting Win2000 to logon to the 
SAMBA domain, if that works OK I'm convinced the TS with Citrix 
Neighborhood will work just fine (maybe some minor problems) 

In your mail furtheron you write about a Win2K PC:
- Is this a Win2K Server with TS running on it?
- And is it logging on to the SAMBA domain?
- If so, how?

You also speak of upgrading to Win2K with Citrix2000 on another 
department of your institute in one month.   
What are your conclusions up till now about logging on with a 
Win2K/Citrix Server to a SAMBA (2.0.7) Domain? can you:
- Join the SAMBA domain?
- loggon and run the login-script for instance?
- does a regular user grom the SAMBA userlist get his mappings 
according to his diverse group-memberships?
- can you use these groups from your SAMBA domain on your 
TS/Citrix Server?

> I send you some more information about our network:
> Our working group consists of 20 working PCs with Windows NT
> workstation using a LINUX/SAMBA-Server as a Public Domain Server and
> File-Server which is sharing personel workspace, community workspace
> and printers. All rights of the users and the groups are managed by
> the Linux/Samba-Server.
> Then we have two independent NT4-TS using the Linux/Samba Server in
> the same way as the NT-Workstation-PC´s.
> Some corrections to Christians mail:
> Yes, togehter with Samba and NSGINA, not with a PDC. As far as I know
> this is with NT4-TS and W2K.
> -> the name is NISGINA - same working as a PDC with a "normal"
> UNIX-Server (Sun-Enterprise)
> -> this constellation is used in another departement of our institute.
> They are using Metaframe 1.8 now but in one month they are changing to
> Metaframe 2.0 together with W2K Server and our group is changing to
> Metaframe 1.8 (W2K-update) with W2K Server on a new Terminal Server.
> And we use a Samba 2.0.7 PCD  with NT4-TS without Metaframe
> -> rigth, the change to this version of Samba has solved our problem I
> have posted in the mailing list.
> Ok, if you have further questions, don´t hesitate to ask us!
> Bye
> Sven
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> > To: Sven Siems or/and anyone who knows something about NTTS and
> >
> > When searching through a maillist about SAMBA I ran into your
> > questions about Samba (2.0.6?) and NT TS. I wondered how your
> > servers are doing and have some questions: 1. Do you also use Citrix
> > Metaframe? 2. How do you overcome the problems with UNIX groups / NT
> > Groups, because I know it's quite essential to be able to use
> > 'global' groups from your (Samba-)Domain to get the TS-Farm
> > (multiple Terminal Servers) really going. 3. Is there anybody else
> > who has experience with NT4-TS, W2KTS (with or without Citrix MF) in
> > combination with SAMBA (v. 2.0.6?, 2.0.7?, 2.2?, TNG?)
> >
> > Regards,
> >
> > Bart Drijver, Nyenrode University Computer Centre, Holland
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