HEAD & win2k

David Krovich dkrovich at chopper.slackworks.com
Fri Oct 20 16:11:36 GMT 2000

	Ok, I downloaded the latest HEAD branch in hopes of getting
a win2k machine to join a Samba PDC.  I'm running on a Redhat 6.2
linux system.

	On the win2k machine, I went to Control Panel->System->Network
Identification->Properties.  Click'd on member of the domain, put
in the name of the Samba controlled Domain, and I get prompted for
a user name and password of an account with permission to join the

	As side notes, I checked the connection by doing a \\MACHINENAME
and I'm able to log in.  I've also added the machinename$ to the
/etc/passwd file and did a smbpasswd -a -m <machine_name>

	Has anyone got this to work?  


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