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Steve Gonzales gonzo at eng.lsu.edu
Fri Oct 20 19:36:42 GMT 2000

Even when you delete a machine from the Server Manager, it still resides in
the list for a time.  I can't remember how long, but 15 minutes should be a
good guess.  I know that in the Linux world, this is unacceptable, but
that's the way it is.  I would not suggest that you try to add and remove a
machine name from the database twice in a row.  This process has been known
to cause a problem with the server database.
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Dear all:
    I have installed Samba on FreeBSD, and joined to NT Domain successfully.
Then I delete the Machine Account on Server Manager of PDC, but It is still
the member of NT Domain, and I can use Domain's user account to login just
as before. Is it a normal situation?

Thanks a lot.

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