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David Bannon D.Bannon at
Fri Oct 20 02:30:57 GMT 2000

At 04:12 PM 19/10/2000 -0500, Anders C . Thorsen wrote:
>There is a official FAQ at I'm unaware of how often
>this FAQ is updated, etc.

Well, I'm doing so at this very moment. I'm particularly addressing Samba
2.2.0, ie not the various development streams. Its being written in yodl so
it can be translated to other formats although this is currently under
review (or at least I hope it under review).

Have a look at for a draft of both PDC
HowTo and FAQ. Comments are very welcome.

>Please, let me know if I'm stepping someone on their toes with this

Not at all, the current one is actually mis-leading because of the changes
that are taking place all over that samba concept. I do like the kernel
Cousin idea, there is a Samba one but there seems little Samba PDC
interest. Hmm....


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