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Anders C . Thorsen anders at
Thu Oct 19 21:12:26 GMT 2000

As many other of you, I've been finding myself irritated over reading the
same questions over and over again.

There is a official FAQ at I'm unaware of how often
this FAQ is updated, etc.

Now, the idea that came to my mind was that I could actively maintain such a
FAQ, without creating another FAQ which just ends up making it all more complex.

My idea is to: Create a simple xml file format (similar to the kernel Cousines)
which each entry is added with. Each entry contains Question, Answer and a longer desctiption if neccesary, author, e-mail, updated date, rev. no, language
and separate sections for samba-urls (url's to other doc. at pages),
and external URL's. So instead of trying to redo Lars' and David Bannon's 
work on respectively samba TNG and samba 2.0.x it would simply reference it.

Secondly, it would be posslible for anyone wishing to do so to translate this
information into other languages, in order to make it easier to understand.

Please, let me know if I'm stepping someone on their toes with this suggestion,
otherwicse please count this as me  volunteering for samba, and so that
samba-technical at can once again be more technical related.


Anders C. Thorsen
anders at

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