LOGIN =JOINING domain NT ???

Christophe christophedeze at wanadoo.fr
Thu Oct 19 18:58:28 GMT 2000


I have install a linux PC (mandrake 7.1 samba 2.0.6 )in a NT domain as a
client .
Samba can see all the NT workstation and server;everybody see my linux pc.

everythings could be find but i want that my linux PC work like NT
workstation at login : i can just enter linux user and password to use this
PC.so, everybody can't use it,they have a login/password for the domain but
it only work with NT Workstation or when i am already connect as linux PC
I heard about "winbind" and 'pam_ntdom" but i can't find the first and
configure the second

HELP !!!!!
it 's an emergency,this is something that i must do to show it in my
school(I do it in a professionnal network)

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