Printing from samba in other domain

Dolgopolov Sergey virgo at
Thu Oct 19 16:18:56 GMT 2000

Welcome respected. Very much rad for such conference. Pleasantly.
Now about a problem.
There are two domains. DOMAIN1 under handle NT Server 4.0 and DOMAIN2
under handle Samba-2.0.7
The printer is in DOMAIN1.
The first problem encompassed in typing from workstation of the  domain
DOMAIN2 on the printer from DOMAIN1.
It is solved simply. The user in local group of the managers on the
computer registers where the printer is placed.
The second problem is a printing from itself linux on which is installed
Has installed the remote printer, but to type refuses. Errors any does
not write.: (
In /etc/printcap is sure that all is correctly written. In what there
can be a problem?

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