win2k and samba 2.2

David Bannon D.Bannon at
Thu Oct 19 06:09:17 GMT 2000

At 06:31 PM 18/10/2000 -0400, David Krovich wrote:
>	When I try and join the machine into the domain, I get
>a dialog box asking to "Enter the name and password of an account
>with permission to join the domain".
>	What should I enter here?  I remember in NT 4.0 you could
>turn off the option to have it need an account, what do I need to
>do with win2k?
<Guess Mode> You need to create a domain admin, possibly using the 'Domain
Admin users' parameter in smb.conf. I've been testing these bits here but
connecting with NT4 and found what I think may be a problem or two. These
problems may also apply to your W2K tests ....

As a test, I'd try creating a smb account for root, putting root in 'Domain
admin users' and trying then. I found that the bits that will add a machine
account to /etc/passwd via 'add user script' run as the user indicated in
the dialog you mention, not as root as the indicated elsewhere....

Let me know what you find, I'm playing with the HowTo as JM releases the code.


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