win2k and samba 2.2

David Krovich dkrovich at
Wed Oct 18 22:31:34 GMT 2000

	Ok, I just had a chance to grab the lastest alpha to test
out joining a domain from a win2k machine.

	I'm running 2.2 on linux, I compiled and installed the software,
tested making a connection between my win2k box using \\servername 
and that works fine.  I also added the machine to the /etc/passwd,
and did a smbpasswd -a -m <machine_name>.

	When I try and join the machine into the domain, I get
a dialog box asking to "Enter the name and password of an account
with permission to join the domain".

	What should I enter here?  I remember in NT 4.0 you could
turn off the option to have it need an account, what do I need to
do with win2k?

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