Privileges NT and Samba

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"DOMAIN\Unknown account" is normal under Samba 2.0.7 because
it doesn't support user/group enumeration.

2. If you need user with admin rights you need to create or select one 
to act as Domain Admins group. Name of this group (unix name) assign
to "domain admin group" param in smb.conf. Then add your admin user
to previously selected/created unix group and it should work. Of course,
you can also directly add unix user name to "domain admin users".

If you still don't have admin rights, try to add (on NT wks) "Domain 
group into (local) "Administrators" group. Some Samba users noticed, that 
helps, though I didn't need that.


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Hi respected.
There is a question. Is created on samba-2.0.7 PDC.
The user goes into from NT4, but the problem in that that this user has
no any rights.
I launch net time \\ server /set /yes writes
System error 1314 has occurred.
A required privilege is not held by the client.
Clearly that the privilegess for the client is not present.
A question: how to place the privilegess for the user live in samba?
In User Manager for NT the user of the bootstrap domain is written as \\
DOMAIN\unknown account user.
Beforehand is grateful for the answer.
Yours faithfully.

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