Windows 2000 with Linux

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Wed Oct 18 16:21:44 GMT 2000

You should be able to get by by joining the samba machine to the NT
domain controlled by the NT server. For this to work, each person needs
a unix account on the linux machine, but doesn't needto be able to log

If you have an NT server running your domain, there's no reason to move
it to your linux box.

To authenticate for services on the linux box from the PDC, you will
need to look into pam, pam_smb (logging in, mail), auth_smb (proxy), or
wait for winbind in the upcoming samba 2.2.x.


> Jeffrey Alstadt wrote:
> I currently have a Linux server and a Windows 2000 server. I would
> like both to communicate to one another since our web site is on the
> Linux server, and the Windows 2000 contain documents which my
> employees use. But, the workstations which are Windows 2000
> Professional, connect directly to the Win 2000 server. What version of
> samba would I need? And when does the future version of samba that
> supports most of samba for NT 4.0 supported such as hosting domains,
> PDC logging.... Plus, I would also like the Linux to act as a proxy to
> for the Internet connection to the Internet. How would I be able to do
> this?
> Sincerely,
> Jeff

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