can't login from NT-Workstation

helga at helga at
Wed Oct 18 11:08:22 GMT 2000

I'm using Samba-TNG 2.6 and Redhat 6.2
I suceeded to join the nt workstation to the domain.
ntlogin with samedit is sucessfull too.
But when I try to login from the NT box I get the following message:

The system cannot log you on to this domain because the system's computer
account in its primary domain is missing or the passord on that account is

reboots didn't help.


WARNING: _lsa_open_secret: couldn't open secret_db. Possible attack? 
uid=0, gid=0, euid=99, egid=99 
_lsa_open_secret failed with 0xc0000022 


WARNING: prs_create initialised a buffer in marshalling-mode 
WARNING: prs_create initialised a buffer in marshalling-mode 


process_logon_packet: Logon from <nt-box-address>: code = 0x12 


TODO: verify that the rid exists

Thanks for any help

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