Privileges NT and Samba

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Wed Oct 18 11:37:25 GMT 2000

Am 18 Oct 2000, um 11:35 Uhr schrieb Dolgopolov Sergey zum Thema Privileges NT and Samba:
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The net time problem is not a samba but a NT one. You must
give the right to change system time to everybody for this
command to succeede for non-root users. Better solution
is using one of the freeware time-setting tools for NT.

HTH, Osama

> I launch net time \\ server /set /yes writes
> System error 1314 has occurred.
> A required privilege is not held by the client.
> Clearly that the privilegess for the client is not present.
> A question: how to place the privilegess for the user live in samba?

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