Login Win95 into NT server through SAMBA

Patrick Ouellette ouellep at algonquincollege.com
Mon Oct 16 21:25:44 GMT 2000

At 01:17 PM 16/10/00 -0500, Kevin Colby wrote:
> > Not quite. I need to have a Win98se, and 2 RH Linux 6.2 machines that
> > need to be connected to an existing subnet (205.211.53.*)
>Okay, so you have assigned all three machines IPs in that range?

No, other than the Linux box directly connected to the NT network, they 
have to have an internal net IP (192.168.1.*)

>Are there other subnets involved here?

Yes, all of 205.211.*.*

>What are the RH machines doing?  Who is the PDC?  RH or NT?

RH machine #1 is acting as the go-between for RH #2 and Win98se box to the 
NT network, not a PDC or a BDC at all.
Possibly a WINS proxy and DNS proxy, but that's it.

>What does this have to do with Samba?
>Setup the 98 machine in the aforementioned NT domain and start sharing.

It's a hell of a lot easier to share the one 100 Mbit connection to the NT 
network properly across Linux than it is with Win98se, that's why.
I've only got the ONE connection (wall socket) for 3 machines, and can't 
use a hub - not allowed in any way.
And Win98se's connection sharing is weak and would bog down my Win98se 
machine, which is where I do most of my work.


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