Login Win95 into NT server through SAMBA

Patrick Ouellette knightslayer at home.com
Sun Oct 15 23:40:12 GMT 2000

At 09:26 AM 16/10/00 +1000, you wrote:
>I think you are missing the point of a central (samba or NT) served based
>domain. By keeping all shared resourses on the server you have a better
>chance of them secure and being available when needed. Its the third item
>in you list that is the problem. Having other people looking at a w95 box
>for shares is insecure, difficult to administer, unsafe in that w95 boxes
>crash, might be turned off by an operator and have an inferior file system
>that unix or ntfs.

Granted, but since the network in question is behind Cisco firewalls of a 
very strong nature, and the only people that would want to have access to 
it are the people I'm trying to give access to in the first place, there is 
no issue. We're talking about a college network, and, God forbid someone 
hacks into my system and gets a copy of my course notes :)

>Can you consider having the shares on the samba server ?

Defeats the purpose:
- the printer is plugged into the Win98se box, due to the Win98se box being 
the actual work box
- the shares are on the Win98se box since that's also where the burner is, 
and no one but a select few know how to use a burner & software under Linux

Don't get me wrong, I see your point - more so simply because I also teach 
security and such - but I need to make this work as is, not change it.

To be blunt, I only put the Linux box in between the Win98se box and the NT 
network because it's easier to share a connection through Linux using 2 
NIC's than to try and accomplish this effectively and with full access 
capabilities through Win98se connection sharing or a secondary 
proxy/routing software ...

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