Copying the SAM to UNIX

Richard Sharpe rsharpe at
Sun Oct 15 02:40:21 GMT 2000


I have an interesting and possibly unique situation where I want to take an
exiting SAM, full of accounts and NT password hashes, and move it to UNIX
(probably FreeBSD). I would like to move to be as transparent as possible.

I am suggesting that I can use pwdump2 to extract the SAM in a format to
put into /etc/smbpasswd or whatever, and use PAM to authenticate users with.

However, what we would like to do is to migrate users over to UNIX
passwords over time, so I am suggesting that we actually use both smbpasswd
and normal passwd authentication stuff in PAM, and make them sufficient,
and put the UNIX one first.

My hope is that if I can get the PAM setup correct, I can transition to all
password in /etc/master.passwd over time.

My concern is whether or not password changing is going to work OK.

Anyone have any comments?

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