[ANNOUNCE] TNG code fork

Sander Striker striker at dcerpc.org
Fri Oct 13 13:23:03 GMT 2000

Hi all,

As some of you might already know, we have forked
the SAMBA_TNG branch to start a new project:
Samba TNG.

After a long period of thinking and talking
we finally decided to go ahead with it.
We can be found at http://www.samba-tng.org.
This is only an initial site, the full site is
being worked on.

We also have a set of working mailinglists at
tng-users resembles the function of samba-ntdom
and tng-technical the function of samba-technical.
However, I want to point out that the technical
list is for technical discussions concerning
development; any user/config/problem questions
should be directed to tng-users.
I would like to ask the public subscribed to these
samba lists, because they have an interest in
samba development or domain controller functionality,
to also subscribe to our lists. The Samba TNG project
needs your feedback just as the Samba project needs it.

We are working on public cvs which will be announced
on our mailinglists as soon as it is available.

I've stated them before, but will do so again here: our
goals for tng:

 - expanding the PDC functionality (we want (full) w2k support)
 - adding printing support
 - adding interopability features (like: an endpoint mapper)
 - rewriting portions of the rpc code to make use of our
   dce/rpc library (which is another project we are doing

Subprojects (main goals for our dce/rpc toolkit):
 - writing an IDL compiler (makes life so much easier :-))

There are probably more, but we'll keep you updated on the
lists and the website.

Next, who is 'we' anyway? :-)
We are: Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton, Elrond and me.

David Allen Finch has joined months ago when we started to see
the need for a dce/rpc toolkit/library, which is where his
expertise lies. We are using tng to get this of the ground. Also
tng will benefit a lot from this.

Jonathan Graham has joined us as our project coordinator. He
will try and manage our deadlines, roadmaps and human resources
in the form of occasional volunteers and solid team members.

For anyone happy to volunteer, contact us on our tng-technical
mailinglist, or directly seek contact with our project
coordinator at coordinator at samba-tng.org.
If you would like to volunteer and stay anonymous,
you can, by sending an email to volunteers at samba-tng.org.

I would already like to thank all who contacted us already
and offered their help (which we ofcourse accepted).
Thanks guys!


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