What should we do with Samba-TNG!

vincent vincent at web2cad.de
Thu Oct 12 08:16:02 GMT 2000

Hello guys!

We have a novell-net with many win-nt clients (between 90 and 100). Our
server machines runs
with Suse-Linux. So it runs a Samba-File-Server (Samba 2.0.7) without
problems and very stable. 
So it runs also a Win-Nt-Server as a PDC.
Our problem is now, we ´ll quit the novell-net and use a Linux-machine
with Samba-TNG as 
the PDC.
Should we use Samba-TNG or LDAP to manage our user-accounts? Has anyone
another idea to
manage our network? Or is that the right way?
Another problem did we have were to manage the rights from the
user-accounts over the
Samba-TNG-Machine(as a PDC) with the WIN NT Server-machine. It wasn´t
possible to create
and manage new users and rights from the WIN NT Server. 
But the Samba-machine (as a PDC) with Samba-TNG 2.6 runs alone in
connection to the Win NT-clients stable.
What can we do to resolve this problem?
I have seen a user-account-manager in kde who looks like the Win NT
Where can i find that manager? 

So i hope anyone could help us to change our network-system!

Have fun

vincent at web2cad.de

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