Maping NT Groups to Unix Goup

Yariv Gringold y.gringold at
Tue Oct 10 13:47:36 GMT 2000


Soory thay I send this again bat I recived the answer corapted

I am trying to map NT groups to Unix groups via the username map file so
that I can grant access to Samba shares simply by adding users to a
group on the NT side.  On the Unix side, the group has permissions to
the directory, but the user has not been added to the actual UNIX group.

    I am having trouble getting this to work and the documentation seems
to be giving me conflicting information.  I first looked in the O'Reilly
book "Using Samba" that came with the distribution.  In section
"username map" it says:  "You can also map NT groups to one or more
specific Unix groups using the @ sign."  In the HTML documentation, it
says something completely different.  In the section on "username map"
it says:  The list of usernames on the right may contain names of the
form @group in which case they will match any UNIX username in that
group".  Further down it continues:  "Or to map anyone in the UNIX group
"system" to the UNIX name "sys" you would use:

Our simply looks like:

group = NTGROUP

When I look hat the smbstatus I see that the uid and gid are the same
under the uid

We have samba a Linux (Debian) with samba 2.0.7.

It’s only work if I force group but then I loos my security

Please if you can advise in any way.



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