Login Script & access to Win95 shares across SAMBA

Kai Blin k.blin at gmx.net
Tue Oct 10 12:20:08 GMT 2000

Sitting at the campfire, Patrick Ouellette told:

> But how do I do that when the login script/batch file sits on the NT box, 
> to which I have no access other than to login.

Hm, why do you connect to a samba server with your logon script beeing on an
NT box?

You could try to mount the file structureof your NT box where the netlogon
files reside (usually %SystemRoot%\system32\repl\import\, IIRC) with
smbmount and point your samba netlogon share to this mounted directory..
This is _not_ tested by me, only an idea, though. :)
> That makes little sense - if I connect the Win95 box directly to the 
> network, everything works fine.
> It's only when the Linux box in set between the win95 and WinNT box that I 
> loose some capabilities - ergo so isn't win95.

What do you mean by in between?


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