OT, but related to pam_ntdom

David Bannon D.Bannon at latrobe.edu.au
Mon Oct 9 22:37:17 GMT 2000

At 10:15 AM 09/10/2000 -0400, Edward Schernau wrote:
>Can anyone who's used the now-defunct pam_ntdom module,
>give me any pointers to setting up a PPP server on Linux
>2.2, using domain authentications?  I want people to be
>able to dial in, but not maintain /etc/password.

I use pam_smb to authenticate ppp against our (samba) PDC. I found that I
did need an entry for the user in /etc/passwd but no password there of course.

I keep the (password free) /etc/passwd files in sync via a programme that
runs under cron.

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