problem nt server joining samba domain

Greg glawler at
Mon Oct 9 00:27:46 GMT 2000

hi all, i have just finished migrating our admin domain (300 win95
machines) to use samba 2.0.7 instead of an nt4 pdc.

i have two stand alone nt boxes that i want to have join the domain

problem: all the workstations use unencrypted passwords and the nt boxes
only join the domain if samba uses encrypted passords...

i can "fudge" things by creating local accounts on the nt boxes for the
few users that need to connect... this is a hassle but a lot less
intrusive for the users than changing all the workstations to use
encrypted passwords.

is there a way that samba can do both? ie encrypt for some hosts and not
for others?

i have read the fm but could not find a solution there.

thanks for your time.


             Greg Lawler
        Network Administrator
  grinch at 805.565.7249

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